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Reviewed Tungsram 12AX7 / ECC83 Gold Grade / No Cryo. As Kevin stated in his video this is a very special tube it adds depth beyond what some other tubes give you. There is great bass, good mids and when Kevin says sparkle on the top end it is a clarity and a solid sound. This is truly a magical tube ECC83 / 12AX7 Tungsram quality preamp audio tube. The tube have a very open sounding, low noise and microphonic. Made in Hungary. NEW, NOS and never used before! We also recommend: ECC83 / 12AX7 RFT tube $ 30.00: ECC83 / 12AX7 TESLA tube $ 40.00: E83CC / ECC83 / 12AX7A / ECC803S TESLA gold pin tub

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  1. https://www.upscaleaudio.com/products/tungsram-12ax7-ecc83 Tungsram 12AX7/ECC83- When I think of this tube, I think of turning up the color much in the same.
  2. The Tungsram ECC83 / 12AX7 tube was made in Hungary. It is natural sounding and accurate without getting edgy. Treble is smooth and extended, mids are balanced, and bass is firm. The Tungsram ECC83 is a great choice for Fender amps, mic preamps, and hifi preamps. See our review here
  3. ABOUT ECC83 TEST DATA IN GENERAL: Look at the test data. The tube is set for -2Volt grid, and then at 250V plate the tube is tested So the plate current is exactly 1.2mA on both systems. This is no Must, and in reality most tubes have a deviation of +/- 0,3mA and are fine tubes still. Also Tesla can have some deviation
  4. Their ECC83 is the most famous ECC83 / 12AX7 ever. Still today, the market for ECC83 is huge, with more than 2 million pieces sold yearly, mostly for guitar amplifiers, but also a good part for Hi Fi amplifiers and phono RIAAs made ever since the early 1950's
  5. NOS ECC83 Tungsram vacuum tubes NOS ECC85 Tungsram vacuum tubes NOS E88CC Tungsram vacuum tubes NOS EL84 Tungsram matched quadrate vacuum tubes NOS EF86 Tungsram matched quadrate vacuum tubes . There are three modes of labeling of Tungsram tubes: -marking with yellow colour means: tube for common use,.

Tungsram's CSR programs launched in 2018 have reached completion during the last two years, and in 2019, they yielded their first fruits both in terms of influencing the society and garnering outside recognition. Read article. Smart Strategies for Smart Cities I know that 12AX7 equals ECC83, I just noticed that ALL Tungsram tubes have Tungsram logo and ECC83 below. This is because Tungsram is Hungarian company. My tube has 12AX7 only on the glass. This is why I'm confused. But since the plate structure seems identical to those on other Tungsram tube photos, and the fact that it sounds great Finally, the turn came for the review of the Tungsram E80CC tube. After being very impressed by ECC82 & ECC83 from Tungsram I expected the in-house sound to be carried over to E80CC and was proven right. This tube is very liquid in its sound with great very punchy dynamics (can't stop tapping my foot :)

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Upscale Audio's Kevin Deal reviews the Tungsram ECC83

12AX7 (also known as ECC83) is a vacuum tube that is a miniature dual-triode 6AV6 with high voltage gain.Developed around 1946 by RCA engineers in Camden, New Jersey, under developmental number A-4522, it was released for public sale under the 12AX7 identifier on September 15, 1947.. The 12AX7 was originally intended as replacement for the 6SL7 family of dual-triode amplifier tubes for audio. I've been tring to do research on the Tungsram ecc83 and most of the literature I have found is about tubes from the late 60's to late 70's and above. This particular tube supposedly has a date code of Dec 1940. It has 81 stamped on the silver tab. From what I've read 1940 is the first year of production Ezek már nincsenek meg

ECC83 Tungsram 12AX7 tested NOS, low noise, rebranded RSD. $49.95. $8.95 shipping. Vintage Tungsram E83CC/12AX7/ECC83 Tube 1984. $40.00. $8.00 shipping. 1PC SYLVANIA AND 1PC TUNGSRAM 12AX7 NOS SELECTED FOR NOISE AND MICROPHONICS IN A. $80.00. $9.60 shipping. or Best Offer Tungsram ECC83 tubes are well liked by many Audiophiles and Guitar folks. Tested and matched on Top of the Line Calibrated Hickok 580 Lab Grade Tester. 65% = 1000 mmhos on this tester for ECC83/12AX7. Test Scores: 2400-2400 mmhos. Price = $130 for the last tube Intelligent outdoor lighting at Csörsz street in Buda. In the heart of Buda, near the popular shopping center the MOM park to replace the obsolete traditional outdoor fixtures with modern solutions, Tungsram Spinella fixtures with smart lighting system had been installed Trióda, NOS csövek, ECC83 Tungsram, ECC82 Tungsram, ECC81 Tungsram, 5814A G.E., 6189W JAN Philips, 6N8S 6H8C,6SN7, 6SN7GT , 6N9S 6H9C,6SL7, 6SL7GT , 6N7S 6N7GT.

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Tungsram Tests NOS Tungsram Hungary ECC83/12AX7 Gray Plate Tube 100% Rating Required Select Rating 1 star (worst) 2 stars 3 stars (average) 4 stars 5 stars (best tungsram 12ax7 ecc83 halo getter dual support o getr tight balance test nos. 29,36 eur. vendeur top fiabilit. Tungsram 12AX7/ECC83 from what I had read are not necessarily higher gain and usually provide a good overall response with tapered higher and low frequencies. The lows are good but should not be too heavy or muddy. The highs are mellower. These are always general description and assumption when it relates to sound output

The Tungsram company was based in Hungary and was the European equivalent of General Electric. Like GE, their tubes are respected for their quality workmanship and are relatively rare today. The Tungsram ECC82 / 12AU7 tube is very neutral/natural sounding, it has a extended top end and tight bass. Overall very good tonal balance and clarity ECC83: This European nomenclature for 12AX7. ECC803/ECC803S/E83CC: This premium version of European made 12AX7. The S on the ECC803S indicates select and are usually gold pin. These are usually found on Telefunken and Siemens branded tubes and a very rare Radiotron ecc803S version from the Philips factory in Australia 6N2P / 12AX7 / ECC83 tube - wholesale price!!! - $ 2.00 /ea: 6P1P-EV / 6AQ5 / EL90 tube (new in paper) - $ 3.00 /ea: IV-11 VFD tube - $ 3.00 /ea: Site news: 22 May 2020 - Spring New Postal Operator TUNGSRAM plant, made in Hungary Show: Displaying 1 to 15 (of 22. Very musical 12AX7 tubes, good for audios, very audiophiles, I have the Telefunken smooth long plate ECC83, which is very close to Tungsram, but the harmonics and sound stage of Tungsram are even deeper and better than Telefunken. The airiness of Tunsgram is superb, more details and more isolation of the musical instruments than the Telefunken (TUNGSRAM) 3900 Ft/db : ECC83 (TUNGSRAM) 4200 Ft/db : ECC83 (Electro Harmonix) 4200 Ft/db : ECC82 (TUNGSRAM) 4200 Ft/db : ECC82 (Electro Harmonix) 4200 Ft/db : E81L (TUNGSRAM) 2500 Ft/db. Hosszú élettartamú nagy megbízhatóságú cső . E80CC (TUNGSRAM) 3900 Ft/db. Hosszú élettartamú nagy megbízhatóságú cső audio alkalmazásokhoz. E88CC (TUNGSRAM

Both Tungsram and the Mullard short-plate share similarly congested mids when compared with older Mullard long-plates or RCA and Raytheon long black-plates. All in all, Tungsram ECC83 make for a fine general-purpose tube that allows for chiming cleans, punchy chords, and singing leads From leehc Tungsram ECC83 silver pin. From Wilson Mullard ECC83 long dark gray plate/square getter Mullard M8137 circle getter/double support/toast plate. From VH Telefunken ECC803S double support/clear glass Amperex Bugle Boy ECC83 long plate/square getter. From me Mullard 10M Master Series 12AX7 Brimar CV4004 long black plate/square gette 6N2P-EV (orosz military ECC83, de csak 6,3 V-os fűtéssel a 4-5. lábon, a 9. láb belső árnyékolás) »» 2500 6N2P-EV (orosz ECC83 (Tungsram) Kifogyott! 6500. ECC85: 3500: ECC91 (Siemens, =6J6) 1900 ECC803S. 12: Tungsram ECC83 (11.04) Posted by steven oda on 2002-06-09, 00:44:00 ( Kuma, Never put a new Tungsram into a tester---but by the results in an amp, it seems that the Tungsram has the mu of a good old TFK ECC83 1x TESTED* ECC83 Tungsram 1967 Audio Tube 12AX7 ECC803s. C $59.22. Top Rated Seller Top Rated Seller. or Best Offer. From Bulgaria +C $11.83 shipping. TUNGSRAM 12AX7 ECC83 HALO GETTER DUAL SUPPORT O GETR IMBALANCED BUT GOOD. C $26.26. Top Rated Seller Top Rated Seller. or Best Offer. From United State

Tungsram. ecc83 Algra. By Tungsram. ecc83 Disclaimer Submit a tube. 12AX7B Spécial déphaseur Premium Selected = 12AX7A-C = ECC83 TAD Premium Selected Balanced section Lampe de préampli moderne mais très bien ! Réponse très linéaire. Lampe très musicale avec beaucoup de détails. Très bon gain, basses profondes serré, les médiums riches et à aigus soyeux . Recommandée pour tous les positions (dont. More common on the NOS ECC83 market, though, are the LATER Tungsram ECC83s, the 1972-1985 Tungsrams. These always have crimped plates. Whereas the earlier Tungsrams have warm, textured lower midrange and neutral sonics, later Tungsrams turn that sound on its head and produce a dry, slightly cold treble and a rather flat, un-involving midrange ECC83 (CV4004) RFT Germany NOS, can also be labled CV4004 or TESLA but RFT east german (Neuhaus RWN) made Service/Help Downloads CV492 / ECC83 Tungsram, NOS / NIB From €86.76 * Psvane 12AX7-T-MII/2 (=ECC83) matched pair €83.73 * GE 12AX7A/WA , NOS / USA.

Faut juste savoir ça Grouic Pour lire le tableau suivant, il faut savoir que, d'après les constructeurs, à 250V et -2V, une ECC83 neuve et en fonctionnement optimale donne au moins 1.2 mA de courant par triode (avec 10 à 20% de tolérance selon certains constructeurs) et au moins 1.6 mA/V en transconductance, toujours par triode, ainsi qu'un gain global théorique de 100 Best 12AX7 For Audio Genalex Gold Lion 12AX7. Genalex Gold Lion ECC83/B749 is the ultimate in current production 12AX7. Gold Lion ECC83 delivers a full sonic range with excellent articulation.. Like all Gold Lion Tubes, Gold Lion ECC83 is built with meticulous quality, which makes it ideal as the premium upgrade for any audio 12AX7 application. You may have noticed there is a Genalex Gold.

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PCC88 (ECC88, 6DJ8, 6922, 7308) Tungsram double triode, big ring getter type, gray plates, all same codes, more than 300 pieces in stock. These fine tubes were made back in 1971 in Tungsram plant, Hungary, I have few matched pairs and quads within 1%!! ECC83 page sheet date 1 1 1954.11.11 2 2 1954.11.11 3 3 1955.02.02 4 4 1955.02.02 5 A 1953.06.06 6 B 1953.06.06 7 FP 1999.02.1

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The BIG Test report for ECC83 - E83CC - 12AX7 - ECC803

Elektroncsövek csak a legigényesebbeknek. Kapcsolat 70/3661300 soldier67.ls@gmail.com. Kapcsolat a hirdetőhö Tungsram ECC83 Valve/Tube New Old Stock (V46) £40.00. Click & Collect. £4.25 postage. 6 watching. NOS TUNGSRAM AD1 2 PCS NOS tube valve. £600.00. 0 bids. £50.00 postage. Ending Sunday at 8:47AM GMT 4d 1h. 1 x Tungsram AD1 Vacuum Triode Radio Audio Vacuum Radio Electron Tube Klangfilm. £149.68 Audio valves and sockets designed, for only the most discerning ears - we provide the best stock available sourced from manufacturers from all around the world ECC82 Tungsram 3db. 6.000.- (hosszabb anódos) ECC82 Tungsram 3db. 3.000.- (rövidebb anódos) 12AX7B China 2db. 4.000.- 12AU7 China 2db. 4.000.-ECC83 RFT 2db. 6.000.-Mérési eredményekkel nem tudok szolgálni, de mind tesztelt egy csöves phono-ban. Az ár nem darabár, az összesre értendő. Ezekből az árakból engedni már nem szeretnék

Tematy o ecc83 tungsram, Preamp na ECC83 - niechciany pisk, ECC83 a brzmienie, [Sprzedam] Komplet lamp ECC83 PY88 EL-84, wzmacniacz lampowy SE 2x 6p14p ecc83, Lampy firmy JJ EL84 ECC83, Wzmacniacz lampowy HI-FI 10 - pytania początkującego ECC83 Tungsram Parameters and characteristics . main page back to list Name (click=photo) Price, USD Equivalents Description; ECC83 Tungsram: 16 USD: 12AX Sziasztok,2db NOS tehát nem használt Tungsram Ecc83-as cső eladó gyári dobozukban.Az ár kettő darabra értendő. Fantasztikus vintage hangzás, de gondolom nem kell bemutatni.Ha még nem tudod mit vegyél az erősítődnek - Gitarren, Gitarre amplifilers, Musiker Instrumente, Schlagzeug, Klavier, Musiker, Tabs, Band, Konzerte, CD, DVD, Werbun The Tungsram EL84 has lots of air and was 3 dimensional sounding with lots of punch and great tonal balance, growling and vicious sounding bottle, harmonically rich with a nice hard-rock sound. In their opinion it beat the Mullard in guitar amp Application finishing behind the Amperex Bugle boy and tied with Mullard in the Hi fi tests again. Fantastic sounding tube that caries the legendary sound of Tungsram 12au7 and 12ax7 to ECF80. For sale is a RARE Matched Pair (2) Tungsram NOS 6BL8/ECF80 tubes. Made in Hungary. Tests very strong at NEW level

radio-forum.cz. Největší české fórum nejen o historické technice. Rádia, televize, telefony, měřící přístroje, počítače, inzerce, rady, postupy. Tungsram NOS/NIB 12AX7 - made by Mullard Mullard quality - distorts with great rock character. Very wide soundstage. Superlative tone. (I have two available - contact me for info. European ECC83/12AX7 : ECC83 is the European designation for the 12AX7 tube -- (it is the same exact tube). These tubes include those produced by Mullard, Amperex, Siemens, Telefunken, Tungsram, RFT, Ei, Mazda, Lorenz, Philips and others. European ECC83s are generally sought after for their warm sound (with exceptions -- Telefunken, for example)

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1 db ecc 83 tungsram - Új és használt termékek széles választéka - Vásárolj azonnal, licitálj aukciókra, vagy hirdesd meg eladó termékeidet ECC808 Tungsram, ECC808UTun, Trióda, használt csövek, HASZNÁLT Tungsram ECC808 iker trióda. Vörös sorszámozott. Made in Hungary. Ez a cső nagyon nyitott, teljesebb hangzás, mérsékelten meleg és nagyon átlátszó általában nagyon alacsony zajszint és microfónia jellemzi.. Elektroncso tungsram ecc83 - Új és használt termékek széles választéka - Vásárolj azonnal, licitálj aukciókra, vagy hirdesd meg eladó termékeidet Example: ECC81 Tungsram Tilburg, Holland 1950s short welded half-plates with non-aligned one hole on each end, double mica, small Tungsram metal tab with no code on getter support, small amount of red on internal wiring, single getter support, disc getter [foil O-getter; aka parasol getter] Tungsram ECC83. Typ sprzętu: lampy : Producent: Tungsram : Model: ECC83: Ocena ogólna: (na podstawie 1 opinii) Opinia o Tungsram ECC83 Autor: vednar Data dodania: 26 styczeń 2012 Jakość/cena : Ocena ogólna Plusy -świetna dynamika i brzmienie: Minusy -dostępna tylko na rynku wtórny

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A csatoló kondikat legalább ERO MKT kondikra javasolja cserélni az ellenállásokat pedig 2W-os Philips-re. Itt jegyezném meg, hogy az ECC82 helyén én most 5814A-t használok. ECC82-ként ezen a helyen sem a Tungsram sem az Ei nem váltotta be reményeimet. A Philips 5814A-ja viszont hosszú évek óta kifogástalanul üzemel ezen a helyen A Tungsram privatizációja során először 1988-ban az MNB részvényekké alakítja a 6 milliárd forintos követelés állományát a cégnek. 1989-ben a General Electric 50+1% részvénnyel többségi tulajdonossá válik, majd rövidesen a tulajdonrésze 100%-os lesz. 1996-ig a GE 650 millió USD-t fektetett be a Tungsramba Lorenz ECC83. Characteristics: - large plates with silver supports - ring getter. Comment: Rare tube! Lorenz ECC83 by Tungsram. Characteristics: - double getter support - large ring getter. Comment: Rounder shape than RFT and numbered metal flag indicate Hungarian prod. Thanks Ivaylo! Lorenz ECC83 /East Germany. Characteristics: - plates in ECC81 siz Brand New MINT NOS 1981 Tungsram ECC83 12AX7 tube. Made in Hungary.Repacked in generic white boxes from bulk. Tungsram made some of the finer tubes in Eastern Europe due to its exposure to subsidiari

Hi-Fi Do Online Newsletter; Payment methods; Shipping methods; Warranty policy; Shopping procedure; Hi-Fi Do Record Shops Softs, Audio parts and Tubes can ship. Eladó a képen látható 8 db Tungsram EL84, és 1 db Tungsram ECC83-as elektroncső. Fűtésre tesztelt, hibátlanok. Az ár a 9db csőre értendő, és fix. Csak egyben vihetők. Infó: 06-30-576-34-60 Polgárdi. EL84.jpgÁr: 16000Hirdeté


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  1. Gyors linkek. Új hozzászólások; Megválaszolatlan témák; Aktív témák; GyI
  2. Super Low Noise-NOS Tungsram 12ax7 $149.99 low noise Highly recommended for V1 in Trainwreck amplifiers! I had these noise tested at a lab and they are in 1dB of theoretical noice limit for the 12AX7 tube. Highly recommended for the V1 of Trainwreck amplifiers! Branding may be different than shown in picture
  3. This auction is for 2 tubes Tungsram ECC83 / 12AX7 , NOS made in Hungary 1970s, Matched pair Tested good on TV-7D/U Tube1: 56/58 Tube2: 58/59 Minimum good for this type is 32/32 Ships to:Worldwide Shipping and Handling :$10.00( Worldwide) Air Mail (10-28 working days) We will combine shipping for multiple items purchased in my store Payment:Pay PaI Pls. ask if you have any question
  4. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Matched Pair ECC83 Tungsram/ 12AX7 Tubes Good Test at the best online prices at eBay
  5. In the signal transmitting circuit the audio processing is done via Tungsram ECC83, as well as Tesla E88CC double triodes. The standard RIAA correction is implemented with the use of classic passive network between the amplifying stages. No negative feedback is applied with this particular design

MATCHED PAIR TUNGSRAM 12AX7 ECC83 NOS Tubes Valves Rohres Same Date Code - $74.20. FOR SALE! FOR SALE 2x Tungsram ECC83 Double Triode TubesNoval B9A.Halo getter on double 25474880998 Tungsram 12AX7 - ECC83. $50.00. Add to Cart Add to Cart. View View. TUNGSRAM E88CC 6DJ8 RED LABEL MATCHED PAIR TUBES.

Tungsram E80CC - Tube Maz

Tungsram E88CC 6922 - Single Tubes 1960s-70s MINT NOS Rare Industrial Grade with Red or White Serial No. - Hungary RFT ECC82 12AU7 - MINT NOS NIB Single Support Halo Getter Tesla Label - E. Germany (Singles/M. Pairs) Tungsram E88CC 6922 - M. Pairs Rare FEB and JULY-1979 MINT NOS NIB Industrial Prod. with Red Serial No. and Certificat Hi I have recently been swapping valves in my phono stage and got good results with a Hungarian made Tungsram PCC88 which has a clear open dynamic sound. The other valve in the stage is an ECC 83, so Im interested to try the equivalent Tungsram valve in this slot. I am currently using a late Siem.. Ecc83 Tungsram Rare White Anode 1pcs : $11. Rca 6hv5a Electronic Vacuum Tube New In Box. 2 Strong Matched Ge 5 Star Long Gray Plate O Getter 5965 Tubes. By Tecknoservice Valve Of Old Radio 5z3 Brand Assorted Nos & Used. 4 Strong Matched Ge Clear Top Long Gray Plate Double Side O Getter 5965a Tubes

CV492 / ECC83 Tungsram, NOS / NIB - Tube Amp Docto

ECC83 Telefunken 12AX7 | TUBES9-pin Double TriodesHIFIroomEL84 6BQ5 RFT Germany | TUBES
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